Wed. May 22nd, 2019

Ruggedman blast naira marley for hyping yahoo

Popular Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman, has reacted to the Nairamarley‘s comment over his read on those who are involve in net fraud. He said;

“@nairamarley My brother, i really like your music and every onehoweveryou would liketo urge one factor clear and don’t mislead individualsparticularlyyoungsters on social media. you’ll be able to do Yahoo all you wishhoweverdon’tdisrespect the a part of the Negroid race that were sold-out into slavery by making an attempt to use it to justify cyber crime. The those who bought slaves died ages agone.”

“If you wish to fight that, then begin a cause/movement against British and America. UN agency ever closely-heldslaves, however stealing the hard-earnedcash of people isnt regarding slavery. You say the Nigerian leaders are plundering trillions outta this country, why arent you hacking their accounts and giving back to the individualscharacterstyle?”

“I swear i’m going hail you for that one. however bro respect the Negroid race and dont try and use it to justify cyber crime. E no follow. If it wasnt a criminal offense popo wont be busting boys for it.
Thousands of qualified African nationns cant get jobs outside Nigeria due to “yahoo”. Their families are suffering.”

“Young Nigerians are suspect everyplacethey’re goingdue to “yahoo”. If you wishto try to to it, enjoy. no one is stopping you.”

“But bear in mind that if you are doing the crime, if you’re caught you are doing the time. I got friends that are into it, I dont choose.I got friends UN agency are in jail as we have a tendency torepresent doing it, I dont choose. All man dey hustle. God bless all our hustles and let’s hold our leaders responsible.”

Recall that days back the singer in an exceedinglymannerevennet fraud by linking it to slavery.

He had expressed that if Africans are tuned in to what the ancestors suffered throughout the traffic era, then they mightrealise yahoo is honest.

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